Designed and illustrated by

Marcel Ruiz Forns

The sword-fighting card game
you were waiting for!
A unique gameplay full of
tactics, strategy and grit.
Collectible characters,
master them all!

You live in Karenza, a world pretty much like any other, except for one tiny difference: Every single person there is a master of sword-fighting! Of course, you people have long ago kicked out all the alien invaders, defeated the dark overlord, and reduced the usual zombie swarms. So, now, you sword-fight just for fun: Between sessions at school or work; while waiting at the traffic light; or even in the elevator (if it's not too small).

Choose your character, master their fighting style, and immerse yourself in thrilling duels full of action and strategy: Connect your techniques to set up the perfect combo; predict your opponent’s next move; and use your abilities to deceive them! Are you up to the challenge?

Michi & Eka

Padma & Kitty